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About Us - EcotecWorld


At EcotecWorld we are an established energy and environmental products supplier, with solar and other energy projects taking place worldwide. We recently partnered up with Radiation Watch as exclusive distributors for the Pocket Geiger Counter in the UK and Europe.

Our Partners - Radiation Watch, Japan

Radiation Watch is an open and non-profit project to develop inexpensive and smart radiation detectors for everyone, especially in and around Fukushima, Japan.

The project was been funded by 167 backers from around the world via in the wake of the nuclear accident in Japan, and is now supported by volunteer scientists, engineers and designers. They have shipped over 12,000 Pocket Geiger Counter detectors to Japanese people. Their factory is located in the city of Ishinomaki in Japan, which lived through and survived the Tsunami disaster.

We are proud to support this project and in our own small way help contribute job security and economic recovery in such devastated areas. For more information, have a click on the link below.

Apps For Pocket Geiger

Apps For FTLabs Smart Geiger

  • Please note: Apps will only work when used together with our Smart Geiger from FTLabs. CLICK HERE TO ORDER »

Apps For FTLabs Smart EM Checker

  • Please note: Apps will only work when used together with our Smart EM Checker from FTLabs. CLICK HERE TO ORDER »

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